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Director Louise Archambault
Canada | 2019 | 98 mins
Drama, French with English subtitles
Rated 14A

The latest from Louise Archambault (Film Circuit favourite Gabrielle), adapted from the acclaimed novel by Jocelyne Saucier, follows a group of octogenarians who have decided to live on their own terms in the wilderness of northern Quebec. The film presents a story of intertwined destinies, compassion, and love, as well as the power of taking one’s life into his or her own hands.

Living life like a fable, three aging hermits – Tom (Rémy Girard), Charlie (Gilbert Sicotte), and Ted (Kenneth Welsh) – dwell in a Quebec forest and spend their days tending to the cannabis crops owned by a their closest neighbour (Éric Robidoux) when not skinny-dipping. However, their idyll is disrupted by a sudden death in their chosen family and the arrival of two interlopers: a photographer (Eve Landry) with too many questions about a past tragedy and a senior woman (Andrée Lachapelle) with a surplus of secrets.

And the Birds Rained Down is a tribute to the need to live independently and on one's own terms — and to those courageous enough to pursue this.

- Steve Gravestock, TIFF